Join Stephanie Jones aka Giving Gal, as she chats about “Giving Your Best Life"! In each episode, she shares intentional ways to give to yourself and others, how giving and gratitude changes your life and ways to go after living your big dreams and accomplishing goals.

Join The Giving Your Best Life Book/Supper Club!

When I started a local book club, others wanted to join but didn't live near me, so I thought I would make it easy for others to start their own book/supper club. For each book, I'll provide all the information you need to host a book/supper club. All you have to do is invite people, order the food, and open your home! See the details below for the current book club information.

I’m hosting a Book/Supper Club, but if you don’t live near me, I encourage you to host your own. Here’s everything you need for a smooth evening.

June and July Agenda

Book: It is Finished by Charles Martin (purchase here)

Time: 2 hours (I hosted from 6:30-8:30 p.m.)

Cost: $15 to cover food. Don’t cook or have women bring food. Get it catered or delivered.

  • Welcome and read scripture: Romans 12:9-21

  • Fill plates and gather together

  • Prayer: Pray for food, fellowship, and growing in friendship and faith

  • Introductions: (1) Name, (2) What you are grateful for, (3) One goal you are pursuing

  • Eat and enjoy conversation

  • Book Study. Use this guide

  • Wrap up with (1) Prayer Requests, (2) Next Date, and (3) Meal Recommendations

  • Pray

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